Second Chance Auto Loans
Second Chance Auto Loans


We understand the stress of dealing with a Bankruptcy and trying to get a fresh start. We have been in the "credit re-establishing" business for 17 years. We actually pioneered the Bankruptcy loan program over 15 years ago and we were the first to present the Bankruptcy loan program to the very few lenders in the country that do this. We developed the program with the lenders, nobody understands these programs better. We were the first and we are definitely the best. DO NOT SETTLE FOR AMATEURS!

Please take 5 minutes & call our Bankruptcy Loan Processing Center today toll free at 888.689.0924.

Open and Discharged Bankruptcies
Open and Discharged Bankruptcies

There is life after bankruptcy and we will explain to you why purchasing a car is one of the best ways to rebuild your credit. We will show you how to do this before your bankruptcy is discharged. We will show you the many advantages of open bankruptcy and pre-discharge auto financing. We will treat you with the respect you deserve, without embarrassment.

Open chapter 7 bankruptcy lenders:

We currently have 7 different lenders with 20 different programs so that we can secure an auto loan the same day your chapter 7 bankruptcy is filed. Now there is no need to wait to start re-establishing your credit!


Open chapter 13 bankruptcy lenders:

We have 4 lenders with 13 programs for Chapter 13 bankruptcy filings.  These cases are a little different than chapter 7 filings. When working with chapter 13 filings you will need to have been making timely payments for at least 6 months into the plan to be considered for an auto loan. After you meet with one of our financial specialists and negotiate your deal on the vehicle, the structure will need to be approved by the bankruptcy court trustee. Once the trustee supplies you with a letter approving the transaction and loan terms, you will then be able to pick up your vehicle and be on the way to re-establishing your credit profile!


Discharged chapter 7 & 13 bankruptcy lenders:

With a discharged bankruptcy, you will have the flexibility you need to get 

on the road to re-establishment. We currently have over 20 lenders with

over 40 programs to secure immediate financing for your new vehicle. Our

finance professionals will look for a program that works for you and the

vehicle you pick out!

You still have options...
You still have options...

  • Call us before you sign reaffirmation on any vehicle we will show you why
  • Open chapter 7's & 13's ok
  • You may be approved for a car loan before you turn in your present vehicle
  • A bankruptcy discharge is not necessary at the time of delivery
  • A second vehicle may be possible to purchase
  • You pick the car; select your own car from 2006 to 2017’s
  • Free ride to our dealership or even delivery of a car right to your door
  • Free lodging for our out of town guests
  • Over 30 years combined experience for the best expert advice