Car Reviews

With so many exciting cars to choose from and so much information regarding each model, our team at Montrose GM Superstore decided to create helpful car reviews so everything you need to know is in one convenient location. Whether you’re looking for a new or used vehicle, we’ve got you covered.  

If you’re searching for a new ride around Hermitage, New Castle, or Mercer, simply click any of the links found on this page for in-depth analysis on your favorite model!

2018 Buick Encore Car Review

2018 GMC Sierra 1500 Car Review

Information Found in Our Car Reviews  

Our car reviews offer insightful information that will help you decide whether a specific model suits your lifestyle or not. A few of the topics discussed include fuel economy, horsepower, interior cargo space, interior and exterior design, entertainment systems, and safety features.

Depending on the type of model you’re looking at, whether it’s a truck or sedan, will determine which specific features are more heavily discussed. Trucks, for example, will have entire sections devoted to towing, payload, and other practical features that truck owners may be interested in. Conversely, reviews for midsize SUVs may discuss off-roading capabilities or cabin versatility.

No matter what model you’re looking at, you can trust the information in our reviews will be valuable and relevant.

Be Sure to do Your Research

The benefits of researching your favorite model before getting behind the wheel for a test drive are numerous. You want to be sure the car you’re interested in has features and characteristics that will complement your lifestyle.

Our car reviews deliver this information to you. This means you’ll save time and effort not having to scan the web for feedback. If you read a review and find that the model doesn’t check off all your boxes, you can simply read through another review until you stumble upon your dream car!

The Last Step is a Test Drive

While research is an important step in the car-shopping process, getting behind the wheel of your ideal car may be the most fun part. If you’re around Hermitage, New Castle, or Mercer, you can do this by contacting us here at Montrose GM Superstore and scheduling your test drive today!