AFIP Certified Team Members

The AFIP certification is a 6-month study program promoting excellence in automotive Finance & Insurance business practices. All candidates participated in a M.A.G. sponsored study group advised by staff of Kuboff & Associates and EasyCare, the auto group’s Finance & Insurance software and training business partner. 

The program, led by M.A.G. directors Greg Thompson and Alex Cooke, is part of the auto group's ongoing commitment to providing our staff with the best training in the industry.

"The ultimate goal is to provide a great buying experience for our customers, which includes total transparency and legal compliance in the F&I office. Over the years, the Montrose Auto Group has maintained a strategy of staying ahead of evolving compliance laws and business practices. This program is a continuation of our commitment to being a leader in the industry and staying ahead of the curve," explains Greg Thompson, Director of Compliance.

The Association of Finance & Insurance Professionals is a nonprofit association offering professional certification programs for dealership finance professionals.  All finance managers in the Montrose Auto Group are required to complete AFIP certification testing focusing on compliance with all Federal and State laws pertaining to the retail automotive sales industry.  The study material focuses on business ethics, contract disclosure, non-discriminatory/predatory business practices, accessing and protecting customer information, warranty disclosure and preventing criminal activity such as money laundering, OFAC violations and identity theft from occurring in our dealerships.     

The Montrose Auto Group is the first group in Northeast Ohio to implement a formal AFIP certification program for its employees and customers.